Terms & Conditions

Onlinephotoeditor.nl is an initiative and activity of Picture Inside. For onlinephotoeditor.nl the Terms and Conditions of Picture Inside apply.

These Terms and Conditions are deposited at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam in the Dutch Language.


Terms and conditions Picture Inside

  1. Legal entity

Picture Inside is sole proprietorship entity, regstered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 34214948

  1. Definitions

Contractor: the ‘other party’ in these Terms and Conditions in the sense of article 6:231 of the Civil Code

  1. Relevance of the Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply on all legal relationships between Picture Inside and any Contractor, even after termination of the agreement, unless parties explicitly and in writing have deviated from the Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions of the Contractor are rejected explicitly by Picture Inside

  1. Quotation

Quotations are non-committal for Picture Inside, unless explicitly expressed otherwise in writing. A quotation never obligates Picture Inside to deliver part of the service or performance for a proportional prize.

  1. Reclamation

Picture Inside has to be notified in writing of any complaints as soon as possible, but within ten (10) working days after delivery has taken place. Picture Inside has the right to right any wrongs within a reasonable time frame, unless this causes disproportionate damages to the Contractor

  1. Payment

Picture Inside has to receive full payment within thirty (30) days of the invoice date on the digital invoice.

After expiration of this period the Contractor is in default and has to pay the legal interest plus two percent (2%).

In case the Contractor does not meet his obligations, including – but not limited to – copyright issues, all costs within reason that Picture Inside has to make to get what is owed, will be charged to the Contractor

  1. Other provisions

Picture Inside is not responsible for any damages on the part of the Contractor, unless there is a proven case of gross guilt or premeditation by Picture Inside or parties engaged by her. Liability is in all cases limited to the amount of money mentioned on the invoice.

Contractor is liable to notify Picture Inside in writing of any change in address as soon as possible. In case of default Contractor will be held responsible for any damages that result from this.

In case of bankruptcy or receivership of the Contractor, he has to inform Picture Inside immediately through the appointed curator. Picture Inside has the right to terminate any agreement with the Contractor immediately.


In all cases these Terms and Conditions apply Dutch law rules. Picture Inside will take domicile in Amsterdam.

These Terms and Conditions are filed in Dutch language on October 2012 at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under number 34214948.